Saturday, July 28, 2012

onOne Software's Photo Suite

Once I'm done shooting my processing workflow starts with Adobe Lightroom. For the majority of my photos I do all the processing there, but when I want to be a little more creative with processing a photo the tools in Lightroom are not enough. Since photography is one of my hobbies and not my job, buying Photoshop is not really in the budget. Also I would rather spend that money on a lens. The solution (or the one I use and like) is onOne Software's Photo Suite. Current version of the suite at time of this post is version 6.1. The Suite includes seven different tools:

  • Perfect Portrait 1 - A great tool for cleaning up portraits.
  • Perfect Layers 2 - This tool allows you to use layers to combine photos.
  • Perfect Effects 3 - One of my favorite tools. This tool allows you limitless creativity to style your photo. The tool allows you to apply the an effect to the whole photo or just select parts of the photo by painting in or out the effect.
  • Perfect Mask 5 - This is an excellent masking tool because it is easy to use and fast.
  • Perfect Resize 7 Pro - Do you print your photos on media larger than 8x10? This is the tool you need.
  • Focalpoint 2 - This tools is another one of my favorites. This tool allows you to create selective focus on your shot.
  • Photoframe 4.6 Pro - Apply cool frames to complete your creation with this tool.
All of these tools can be accessed directly out of Lightroom (Aperture and Photoshop) or as standalone applications. For a better description and more information check out onOne Software's website.

Bellow are some of my photos I used onOne Software's Photo Suite with. 

Perfect Effects 3

Floating Flower

Perfect Layers 2
In the Air

Jumping X

Focalpoint 2
Downtown Astoria


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo

Snow Leopard

Golden Eagle




Komodo Dragon



Tree Kangaroo

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